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Reznor Huracan Destratification Fan

by Reznor
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Reznor® Huracan fans move warm air from the upper reaches of the space back to the floor using minimal energy improving overall building energy efficiency and occupant comfort. During heating season, this action minimizes the amount and cost of heat needed to satisfy occupant comfort or product safety by eliminating the natural stratification that occurs and directing heat already provided to the space back to lower levels. Model H destratification fans are available in four sizes based on maximum mounting height ranging from 25 to 60 feet. Huracan fans can reduce cooling load as well by providing a consistent yet gentle air flow during the heat of summer or warmer days during spring and fall. Integrated louvers and directional brackets enable directed airflow in unusual geometry spaces or around features that block airflow such as warehouse shelving.

The Huracan is extremely flexible for installation with two-point suspension from threaded rod. The unique Reznor side mounting brackets are designed for vertical or angled mounting and the front of the units have directional louvers to fine tune air distribution. Model H Destrat fans have features that improve control and make servicing the unit easier and installation safer.