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Infrared Heating Benefits

Flexible and Space-saving Heating Solutions with Infrared Radiant Heaters

  • The key advantage of an infrared radiant heater is its ability to heat people and objects without primarily heating the surrounding air.
  • High efficiency: Up to 65% energy savings vs. warm air
  • Comfort: Uniform heat with no air movement
  • Flexibility: Complete area heat or spot heat; ability to heat high ceilings, low ceilings, and outdoors
  • Heat recovery: Very short time
  • Space-saving: Units are mounted off the floor
  • Low maintenance: Few moving parts
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Your local Big Fan Air Movement, Infrared Heating, and Lighting Solution Experts. Warm up your space this winter with our team

TBC Supply takes engineering design, customer service, and product
installation to the next level for stellar product performance. Our crew will
roll up to your site, get the lay of the land, and create a computational fluid
dynamic report with a product layout for air movement. Plus, we design infrared
radiant heat systems or photometric designs when lighting is part of the
project. Our engineering design and analysis are unparalleled!

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TBC Supply offers special certified factory installation for a selection of preferred products. Plus, we provide standard installation services for (nearly) anything else. Our installation comes with the expertise you'd expect, and speed, adaptability, plus convenience all guaranteed ✅ Projects wrap up on average in 1-2 days.

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“I have compared the Big Ass Fans products with other suppliers of HVLS fans and in my opinion, Big Ass Fans are in a class by themselves.”

Burl Atchinson
Director of Property Management, McCorvey Sheet Metal – Orlando, Florida

“Tom Carper with TBC Supply was a great asset for a project in 2020 that had a tough challenge to solution. Ultimately Tom was able to put us at ease and provide the right solution utilizing Big Ass Fans. What was once complex became accomplishable.”

Scott Lewis
Facilities Manager, JLL – La Vergne, Tennessee

“We purchased a Big Ass Fan with donations from our small community in Jan 2021. It was recently installed through BAF and TBC Supply in April. We have a HS gymnasium built in the 60s – no AC or moving air, which makes the summer/fall months in Tennessee miserably hot in a gym.

To say the least our gym is special, old, and has quite an unusual roof line. Tom, our TBC Supply rep was prompt, communicated clearly, answered all my questions and when he couldn’t, he got the answer! He had a very good knowledge of the product and how it worked and its uses. The Installation was fairly easy and completed in two days.

The fan is large, sleek, but most surprising I think is the lack of noise. We expected to hear more noise and it is simply a quiet fan that blows a lot of air. It has completely changed the dynamics of the gymnasium and made it so much more usable and comfortable temperature wise. We do not regret it and have had many ask if we could get another on the opposite side of the gym soon!”

BJ Scholes
Educator, Waverly Central High School