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Ace LED Troffer AT1

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$85.00 - $100.00
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Drop in the new Ace LED Troffer (AT1) for an affordable yet effective solution for indoor spaces. Featuring a low-glare light, a sturdy housing and high caliber lens for heat dissipation, you get superior energy efficiency for all applications. Plus, with adjustable wattage and color temp, the AT1 gives you the freedom to choose the ideal light environment. It’s built to handle auto, commercial, office, educational and medical spaces, and with a snappy T-grid installation it’s a cinch to install! The 2×2 model has 3 adjustable wattages with an output of 3750/4375/5000 lumens, while the 2×4 variety has adjustable wattages of 30/40/50 watts and 6250 bright lumens. Make your lighting shine - without breaking the bank - with Ace's LED Troffer AT1!

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